Edit: Trauma as well as the Glowing Twilight Scale

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To me, 2 healing NB is enough, I will just pot early , and back up until near fully mana. I also have a shadow friend sometime during 2nd ground RS gold phase Pot CD will be restored before the end of the fight if I need it. I have also runes, however I don't utilize them unless SHTF.

This is the way I'm running my guild, and where I meet my fellow guild members. The bangle has been an excellent option for pugs. It can be helpful when a tail swipe occurs, people stand in shit too long, weaker healer than I'm use too, and a chaotic air phase.

The Healer trinkets seem disappointing for a P1. I'm still using Essence of the Martyr as well as Rejuv Gem as my primary and only swapping Gem out for Eye of Gruul on Mag garbage or (formerly) Blue Dragon on Nightbane. There's Bangle the Warp-Scarab brooch and Bangle. They're not extremely powerful.

They can be replaced, however, you'll still be behind in terms of expertise cap If you do this, as the 2 off set legs and the t5 legs do not have 22 expertise. The majority of friends accept that they'll be transported for a long time.

If you're all three and are human it is possible to remove the pants for a while, but it's suggested to keep them as a transition piece while you are gearing in the p3. It's not known how non-humans handle it. They might not ever take them off.

My resto shaman .... observed the screen change color, with a million little heals moving ..... That was my favorite.

Edit: Trauma as well as the Glowing Twilight Scale .... since the healing caused by chain heal was thought to be a direct healing regardless of subsequent hops which would cause both of these items to perform in an erratic manner and I could be healing 20 or 25 raid members at any time.

Edit: The four pieces of armor of tier 10 which allowed your character to receive chain heal crits was healed for an additional 25% over the course of time. This was in addition to the amazing output you can achieve as an astro-shaman.

Chainheal has never really been gear-dependent to be remarkable. But the sheer fact that you can get this item make it an absolute game buy RuneScape gold changer. It transforms you from being a "really great healer" into a straight up "god-tier"

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