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Here are some basics to RuneScape gold help you use the 100 most important items that drop. It is important to know about things such as "air runes" that are way too numerous to buy for yourself. Your money can be reserved for certain items, such as armor and ores.

If you've discovered the product of your choice, be sure that the item has not decreased in value in both daily and monthly in the event that it's decreased in price since 180 days ago the item is likely bound to keep going down in pries except for a certain kind of product that I will be talking about in the next section. Do not buy any items that have decreased more than 4 percent over the last 7 days. This has led to massive losses.

Special items (Usually not listed on the top 100). There are some particular items, like specific types of fish and ores. They do not diminish at a rapid rate, so they will not be included on the list. This is where the merchant clans make all of their money, they will take about an hour to personally look up prices for items that were known in the past to go from the lowest point to the highest in a matter of three days or less.

You can accomplish this in one of two ways... search the web for these kinds of items(I will personally provide a little list for those interested) or using a program designated to finding the top of the best merchandise for the week. (Have only seen one and it's on my computer because it is home made lol) These items are extremely difficult to locate even though they are considered mainly to be necessities such as food and "skilling items." Here's a list of what I find to be the best things to sell over short amounts of time. Just invite your friends on board so that they can assist you in raising prices by purchasing more of the same kind of product!

Here's my top 10 list of merch partner who I sell my products to... This information isn't for sale since I'm done with runescape trading and I'm more focused on my abilities. Best of luck! Good Luck to everyone! (Sorry for posting this in an incorrect place. Please transfer it to buy RS gold the right location if you need to.

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