Keeping Your Water Clean: Changing Water Filters


When you have a family and a home, either or, you want to ensure that they get the best care, shelter, food, and water. However, minerals and contaminants are not always visible in water, and thus can be sneaky health risks. With a water filtration system, you can continue to provide your family with clean, safe water as long as you maintain it. One critical piece of water filtration system maintenance is the changing of water filters.


The water filter is arguably the most important part of your water filtration system. After all, it is the filter that catches all of these sneaky contaminants and hard minerals. Water filters pull the weight of your system, and keep you and your family from ingesting harmful contaminants. However, one filter cannot last for the life of your system, and needs to be changed to continue to flush out potential toxins. A water filter needs to be changed because it takes in all of these contaminants and said contaminants begin to clog the filter. When the filter is completely clogged, there is no longer room to capture chemicals. At that point, your water will no longer be filtered.


If you have a whole-house water filtration system, it often needs to be changed more often than one installed under a washroom or kitchen sink. While the rate of change often depends on the size of your system and the type of filter it uses, it, on average, needs to be changed every 2 to 6 months. It is important to check with the manufacturer to ensure that you are changing filters at the right time. For any billi water tap water filter, it depends on how much water you drink, much like a whole-house system. Each billi tap has a capacity of 30,000 litres, and reaches this limit at different times due to your water usage. However, if it is not changed at least once a year, your water filtration system isn’t working.

When it comes to changing water filters for a billi tap, a whole-house system, or any other water filtration system deemed best for your home, changing filters is a critical step. Without clean filters, the system simply cannot work to its purpose. Water filtration systems offer us access to clean, safe water, flushing away potentially harmful contaminants. If you are still concerned about your system’s filters, contact the company to better understand how to keep your water safe.

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