What is DCAA Compliant Timekeeping?


Getting a government contract can be a big deal for a lot of companies. It can bring in steady work to your company and can bring in some great projects that you are not able to get through other means. However, when you get this kind of contract, you need to make sure that you are following all of the rules for timekeeping to avoid problems. Timekeeping can often be scrutinized during audits in these contracts to make sure that no one is charging too much and that all the hours and materials are accounted for.


That brings us to the idea of what this type of timekeeping is all about. DCAA, which is Defense Contract Audit Agency, is the agency that is responsible for carrying out all contract audits for the Department of Defense and other governmental agencies. Their job is to make sure that the funds from the taxpayer are spent properly. They do this by doing audits on companies who work with them to ensure that money is not being wasted in the process. There are a few different options that they can use to get this done, but a lot of their efforts are focused on timekeeping.


There are a number of rules that the company will need to follow to make sure they do proper timekeeping and that they are considered DCAA compliant. This will include a few procedures that the DCAA has put into place to make the audits a little bit easier. There are also an approved timekeeping system that you should follow to help with this.


Companies will be able to pick between two main types of compliant timekeeping systems. One is the manual system that has been designed to help with all the requirements of DCAA. That one takes a bit more work to accomplish and keep in order, but it works for some industries. There is also an automated system that can be attached back to some software packages to make life easier. Many choose to work with the automatic one to make life easier, but as long as the method is considered compliant with the DCAA, it can be used.


Maintaining the right DCAA compliant timekeeping is going to be so important to helping make sure that nothing bad comes up in an audit and will help you and your employees get paid during your contract with the government. Make sure that you work with the right software or timekeeping method to stay within compliance with DCAA to avoid problems throughout the contract.

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