Noble Positive Dragon – New Heroic!

The Noble Positive Dragon (High Positivity Dragon) arrives in Dragon City surrounded by news, including a new summer event that is available in the game.

To get it you must be able to be the first place in the heroic race, or reach the 15th lap.
Meet all Heroic Dragons.
Noble Positive Dragon Information

  • Incubation: 60:00:00
  • Category: 10
  • Type: Heroic.
  • Shop Lv: 6
  • XP: 999999
  • Cost: 6000 Gems
  • Sale price: 2000000
  • Elements: Legendary, Light, Nature and Sea.

He is rarely seen, but his presence is always felt, the Noble Positive Dragon can ignite the hearts of all living creatures with a feeling of pure happiness. He always knew that one day he would have to face the darkness… and his time has come!

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