Butynol roof repairs Auckland

If you’re looking for a modern and sustainable approach to Complete Waterproofing with a company that takes great pride in providing the best waterproofing service available in Auckland, we would love to work with you.

Residential and business roofing in Auckland can be hard due to the extreme temperature and weather modifications that arise. Consequently it's vital that cautious consideration is made towards deciding on the most appropriate roofing fabric like Nuraply membrane Auckland or tpo membrane Auckland. 

The use of a rubber roofing membrane consisting of Ardex Butynol will ensure that your roofing surface will continue to be low renovation and completely waterproof, even in ever changing environmental situations.

Butynol roofing is a waterproof membrane used to cover an existing roof surface, perfect for flat or unusual shaped roofs. Ardex Butynol is a synthetic butyl rubber membrane and is commonly used within the Auckland region due to its resistance to aging caused by UV sunlight and heat, as well as its ability to maintain its flexibility during extreme temperatures. 

Just like Butynol roof Nuraply membrane Auckland tpo membrane Auckland are also popular. Hence Butynol roof repairs Auckland is an emergency or needed service as it’s frequently used in homes. 



Butynol is one of the maximum not unusual waterproofing structures used whilst laying rubber roofing on flat or rounded roofs within New Zealand. Impervious to water, Butynol is an appropriate material preference to be used on now not most effective roofs but additionally decks and balconies in which entire water safety is needed. Due to this, decisions made about inner moisture manipulate should be made all through the layout method, rather than upon utility.


Butynol roofing is to be had in three thicknesses, starting from 1.0mm for roofs, gutters and light traffic regions, 1.5mm for decking and a couple of.25mm for heavy obligation regions and may be custom made upon request. 

In order to ensure that warranties for the product are valid, you will need to choose an approved Butynol applicator or Butynol roof repairs in Auckland to lay the rubber roofing membrane and use the correct application thickness for the area you require it in or to repair if damaged. 

Similarly to torch-on roofing for low slope and industrial flat roofs, we provide Butyl rubber roofing membrane as nicely, broadly speaking recognise as Butynol. Ardex Butynol is an exceedingly durable roofing membrane designed basically for use on low slope or flat roofs. 

The membrane is synthetic through combining the petroleum gases isobutylene and isoprene at the extremely low temperature of -one hundred Celcius. (Rubber technology-Morton), Butynol is marketed via Ardex as a warranted roofing, decking and tanking product and glued by means of their skilled and skilled accepted applicators.

Butynol commercial roofing structures are flexible and lengthy-lasting and offer maximum energy and durability. The cloth is available in either black or gray, and whilst each is durable, gray Butynol has the added gain of absorbing much less heat from the solar than black Butynol. This roofing gadget has been used by roofing professionals for over 40 years, and in that point it has validated to be the most lasting roofing gadget on common as compared to any other industrial machine.

As greater emphasis is located on the sustainable performance of constructing materials, Butynol continues to be the roofing fabric that stands the test of time. Other blessings of selecting a Butynol roofing device to your business roofing venture consist of high resistance to all types of climate as well as ultraviolet rays.

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