How to improve the service life of sand making machine wear parts?

How to improve the service life of sand making machine wear parts?

The failure analysis of the broken parts of the sand making machine is the basis for determining the direction of its material selection. The surface of the broken parts can be inspected from the macroscopic and microscopic angles, and the type of sand making machine broken can be judged from the analysis of the formed wear debris.

In the process of abrasive crushing of sand making machine equipment parts, the most common defects on the worn surface are the microscopic appearance of furrows, deformation, pits, cracks, and pitting on the surface. The resulting chips also have different shapes such as block, flake, curled chip, and spherical shape. However, for different types of abrasive crushing, the morphology, quantity, specific gravity and degree of these defects and the formation of abrasive debris are different.

The scratches of low-stress abrasives are shallower and less severe; erosion and fracture have their typical morphology of fish scale pits; corrosion and fracture have pitting pits that are exposed to plating. These macroscopic and microscopic defects all cross each other, and various types of fragmentation also exist at the same time. However, judging the main cause of crushing is of great significance to the material selection of the sand making machine. The basic material selection direction is to determine which way the crushed parts are crushed, whether to increase the hardness or improve the toughness, and then make corresponding changes.

If you want to use the sand making machine for a long time, and hope that the sand making machine has high working efficiency and low failure rate, daily maintenance should be in place, wearing parts are the key to the maintenance of the sand making machine!

1. Bearing

The bearing bears the full load of the sand making machine. Therefore, regular lubrication and cleaning will directly affect the service life and operating speed of the sand making machine.

2. Rotor

The rotor is a component that drives the sand making machine to rotate at a high speed. During production, the upper, inner and lower edges of the rotor are easily worn. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the balanced operation of the rotor, otherwise it will produce vibration and increase the wear of the rotor and rotor bearings.

3. Impact block

The wear of the impact block of the sand making machine is closely related to the improper material selection and material performance of the impact block. Ensure that the sand making machine and impact block are equipped with corresponding models, and the hardness of the crushed material should be within the load-bearing range of the sand making machine.

4. Impeller

The impeller of the sand making machine should rotate counterclockwise, otherwise adjust the motor wiring position; when feeding, feed continuously according to the size, otherwise the impeller is unbalanced and the impeller is worn. In addition, the feed should be stopped before shutting down to avoid crushing the impeller and causing damage to the impeller.

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