Word, it's a shame that activision could be a goldmine

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well , the new instances and everything is retail. you would be WOW Burning Crusade Classic Gold pretty much creating an "alternate timeline" by adding items to classic that isn't already available in retail. ....I am able to comprehend rule changes and so on. but adding bgs/areas etc is moving into retail territory ....

Many who claim that classic+ costs too much are wrong. One person said it could cost hundreds of dollars or even millions. Are you still smoking? They already have a solid platform for traditional. It already provides a plethora of content by just being pure WoW. The addition of a new zone, modifications to classes, a global boss, etc will not take thousands of dollars. Classic wow was a huge commercial success for blizzard. One can look at the numbers on Twitch and the huge server problems at the time of launch. Seasons Of Mastery will not draw a large number of new players into WoW. Classic+ could be a great choice. The old school is still being used by new players. Although it's an older version of the game the players do not feel that they're losing their time.

Yes, but it's certainly not thousands of million for classic+. It's enough to create tier sets that match to meta specs. It's not that difficult to add new items to bosses. A new raid is higher in cost, but one I would love to experience. I'll never be sure about an upcoming instance, however I'm pretty optimistic about the upcoming tier sets in the coming seasons.

It's important to keep in mind that we don't know all of the changes at this point and it's likely to be small changes during the first season. I'm sure they'll continue pushing the boundaries every season. Maybe this season doesn't have enough for you. Personally, I think it's. Still, I want to see more changes to the meta of the raiding scene and the pvp system.

Word, it's a shame that activision could be a goldmine, but I think they didn't capitalize on it due to it was because a) j allen brack doesnt want to be a classic company as a) their engineers are ashamed that retail is more expensive than vanilla, but they are still pushing their flaky systems because it would mean their jobs aren't necessary c) Bobby requires yachts so they do not have enough in terms of gms to be able to control a living world.

I think that most people want a classic plus. Most people believe activision isn't equipped with the personnel and capacity to make the classic plus. Activision does not have the capacity to invest millions of dollars on the classic plus. It's basically saying that everything that came after vanilla was loss. Management should not take the buy WOW TBC Gold L and admit that they do not know how to create the best mo. If they had the wits, they would announce classic plus on the horizon and recruit Kevin Jordan.

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