Tree Consultant Auckland

Arborlab is New Zealand’s leading Green Space asset management specialists since our establishment in 2002. We are committed to creating and advancing the sustainable development of our cities' green open spaces to build a brighter future.

Meet the team at Arborlab in Auckland today. Our tree consultants use mobile asset capture and GIS applications to accurately gather information and present tree reports to our clients in a meaningful way. We provide expert arboricultural information and advice to authorities, developers and property owners throughout New Zealand. We are highly motivated to work with our clients and encourage sensible design solutions to tackle the most difficult challenges and also working on Tree Consultant Auckland. So, visit our services page for more information.

Arborlab Limited was founded on the idea that trees require the utmost respect and care and are an asset that can enhance your property. Our experienced team of qualified arborists and supervisory personnel who monitor and supervise works that affect protected vegetation on development. We also provide quick and efficient emergency tree or Arboricultural Evaluation in Auckland. Our arborist report helps determine the legitimacy or merit of requests for tree removal or works which may affect retained trees and vegetation, enabling the efficient review of proposals by local authorities in Auckland.

If your trees are causing you problems, creating a hazard or in need of a tidy or removal Tree Assessment in Auckland , contact Arborlab Limited, your Tree Experts. We provide a free initial quote, carry out a tree appraisals, and care for your tree so that it’s no longer a hazard to your assets. The Ecologist Auckland team is professionally qualified, experienced, and fully insured. We really know our stuff and would love to help you with your tree issues. Call us today at 09 3793302 or complete our online contact form for a no-obligation quote.

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