This challenge is fun but has some downsides

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This challenge is fun but has some downsides. You can't show your Ironman character and RS gold you won't be able to prove that others have.

This is the place to help us! We're looking at adding a mode for ironman into the game, to help support this amazing community-created gameplay. We're still evaluating this as an experiment. It's not feasible to determine when it will launch. A basic implementation may be released prior to deciding whether further development is necessary.

(The Old School RuneScape team are considering an ironman mode too this makes a lot of sense since the popularity of ironman was largely a result of the OSRS community. Keep an eye out for the OSRS development blogs and forums if you are an Old School player and want to be part of that discussion once it begins in the near future.

At this point we'd like to hear your feedback and to have discussions about the best rules for buy OSRS gold Ironman. These are the game rules and mechanics currently being discussed: Ironman starts with a completely new character. The ironman mode can't be switched off once it's activated.

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