Outdoor Rated Cat6 Cable

At Star Link IT Co., Ltd, we lead the cabling manufacturing services industry in technical expertise and operational experience. Through strategic movement and an established long-term customer base, we have deep insight into the needs of the market, the technical convergence requirements

Buy affordable outdoor-rated cat6 cable from Star Link. The core and cladding (which has a lower index of refraction) are normally constructed of high-quality fused silica, but they can also be made of plastic. It is a type of cable that transmits data as light rather than electricity through copper strands. Outdoor-rated cat6 cables are incredible; they can transport virtually unimaginable amounts of data per second and are impervious to surges, magnetic fields, lightning, and any other electromagnetic interference that might affect copper wires. It's perfect for shielding locations where there's a lot of interference. Optical fibers are glass filaments with thin filaments that carry light beams.

Glass fiber has many advantages, including high information transmission capacity (bandwidth), low error rates, and immunity to electromagnetic interference. The raw glass (125mm) is then cleaned and installed. A custom-made photomask is placed 50 mm above the wire and is exposed to a specific laser. The assembly is now custom-made after the laser has completed its cycle. Fiber optics is used in outdoor certified cat6 cable, allowing for substantially higher transmission speeds than Wireless Kvm Switch.

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