Submarine Fiber Optic Cable

At Star Link IT Co., Ltd, we lead the cabling manufacturing services industry in technical expertise and operational experience. Through strategic movement and an established long-term customer base, we have deep insight into the needs of the market, the technical convergence requirements

Looking for submarine fiber optic cable? Look no other than Star Link. Submarine fiber optic cables use light to transfer information. Engineers start with a standard fiber optic cable to create a fiber-optic nanowire. Audio and video transmissions are now carried across short and large distances via fiber-optic connections. Modulating a video/audio signal (s) into a coherent beam of light created by a solid-state laser makes this possible. During repairs, avoid kinking, soldering, or kinking fiber optic cable. If the cable is broken, a new cable must be cut to fit between the two connectors. Fiber optic technology is well-known in telecommunications, local area networks, the CCTV surveillance sector, and numerous intelligent transportation systems. Glass fibers are used in submarine fiber optic cables.

They carry signals with relatively low signal variation across great distances. Optical engineers have discovered that by adding several additional chemicals to Weatherproof Cat6 Cable, they may increase the optical qualities of the material. By adding roughly 4% germanium dioxide, they were able to improve the optical properties of the material (GeO2). Because glass has a lower optical absorption than plastic or glass, long-distance communication fibers are always made of glass.

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