(The Old School RuneScape team is considering

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What can I do to forget the moment Elvarg was defeated in Dragon Slayer. What can I do to forget when I completed The Chosen Commander? So OSRS gold many memorable quests that I could mention! Despite not thinking I'll be back in the near future, I do hope that this community will be around for many, many more years. We are grateful to Runescape for their guidance.

Hey all! JagexHQ has seen the popularity of the Ironman Challenge grow and we have been enjoying watching athletes take on the challenge through YouTube streams or videos.

The Ironman Challenge, a community-craze in which players create a RuneScape character. You can only make use of the equipment and resources that you own and cannot ask for help from others. It's fun and challenging. It also teaches you many things about RuneScape.

Although this is a lot of enjoyable, there are a few downsides. It's not easy to show your Ironman-like status or show others that you have.

We can help! To support this incredible community-generated gameplay we're considering the possibility of incorporating an ironman-themed mode to the game. We're still evaluating this as an experimental project. It is not yet possible to predict the date it'll be available. However, we may release a simplified implementation prior to deciding the future development of the game.

(The Old School RuneScape team is considering an ironman mode too, which is logical since the popularity of ironman was largely a result of the OSRS community. Keep an eye out for the OSRS development forums and blogs for those who are an Old School player to participate in the discussion when it starts soon.

In this early stage we'd like your feedback and to have some discussion over the appropriate rules. This is a quick overview of the game's rules and mechanics that we have to date. Ironman mode starts by creating a new character. When you enter the ironman mode, it cannot be turned off.

Ironman mode players would be given a special chat button, perhaps a skull (like the mod crown and VIP stars). We'll need to find an option for players in ironman mode to finish Shield of Arrav and Heroes Quest in a single player. As an option we might consider making a filter on the hiscore table that will only show players who cheap RS gold are ironman. One last aspect: Hardcore Ironman offers an extended mode to the bravest among us! Also, you must create a new character

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