Secondary Use of Old Washer Motor

What are the classifications of Washing Machine Motor ?

The washing machine is a must for every family. As a core component that directly determines the performance of the washing machine in terms of energy efficiency, noise, stability, etc., the washer motor has an important influence on the performance of the washing machine, but the user often does not see the internal washer motor when purchasing the washing machine.

What are the classifications of Washing Machine Motor ?

At present, the washing machine motor mainly includes induction motor, series excitation motor, three-phase inverter motor, BLDC motor, DDM motor and so on. Different motors have different effects on the performance of the washing machine due to their different characteristics.

Asynchronous motor: ordinary single-phase motor, simple structure, high efficiency, easy to use, but can not be adjusted, starting performance is weaker than other DC motors, mainly used in the field of wave washing machine.

Series motors: small size and high power.

DD motor: The output torque is large and can be directly connected to the mobile device in the drum washing machine. It does not need to be connected via gears, gearboxes, belts, etc. The speed range is wide and the speed of change is fast.

BLDC motor: high energy efficiency, low noise.

The old washer motor used in the washing machine is still not damaged. It can be removed and made into this tool, which can be used in many places. You can take out the contents of the washing machine and sell it as waste. Remove the solenoid valve and use the bicycle as a generator.

1. The use of motors is a major force.

2. It can be a small wooden lathe.

3. You can make a simple dust collector.

Waste utilization is a variety of life wastes around us to meet our daily needs

It is the most fashionable lifestyle in developed countries in Europe and America. This increasingly accepted “low carbon” lifestyle is also affecting the hobbies and habits of our urban residents. Making beautiful, practical and low-carbon DIY handicrafts from various waste products produced in life, work and production is one of the most popular topics in the current forum and Weibo. The secondary use of the Washer Motor is the practice of “low carbon lifestyle” concept.  If you interested in NanYang Washer Motor  , please feel free to contact us by check below link: