How are the prizes got in the POE multiplayer team battle distributed

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When POE players team up to fight monsters, the monsters they encounter will be stronger than the usual monsters. However, opportunities and risks coexist. As long as they can defeat the stronger monsters, the various loot they will eventually reap such as weapons and equipment and some POE Currency or rare materials and so on. Players can also change the rules of loot drop during this multiplayer journey.

Generally speaking, the distribution of loot is first come first served. As long as the killed monster drops the loot after death, whoever gets it first. If the loot allocation rule is short-term allocation, then the members of the team will get the loot randomly. Sometimes some players do not receive the randomly distributed loot by the system, they may turn their attention to those players who have got the generous loot.

There is another allocation method called permanent allocation. The difference with short-term distribution is that no matter how long it takes, players will not be robbed of how much loot they receive. If a squad member is not satisfied with the loot he receives randomly, he can drop the item on the ground so that those players who need it can pick it up.

When players want to team up with people of different levels, they can do so by adjusting. If they enable the Level Downscaling function when playing with a lower-level friend, the game will adjust your level appropriately, and the player’s own friend will get the full experience value. If they disable the Level Downscaling function, experience points will punish the player he will remain at a normal level, and friends of lower levels, which means they cannot earn their due income. In the same way, the operation steps for players to play with high-level players are the same, but the subject and object are reversed.

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