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To make a pouch, you need charms. In making bags, a majority of RS gold the experience is gained when summoning. Charms can be obtained from monsters (slaying is among the most effective methods to acquire charms). Also, you'll need pouches with blanks as well as shards and a secondary ingredient. The pouches and shards can be purchased from the person you started Wolf Whistle with in Taverly. To determine the second ingredient is required, go to the summoning guide and consider the kind of pouch you're creating.

Making pouches is sort of like herblore, only you must do it at an obelisk rather than in any bank booth you want. You need supplies, and the pouches are made. Hope that cleared up summoning for you.

In a team, you'll have to have 100+ combat including 75+ attack and around 80+ power, Plus 75 or higher defense so that you're not sitting on the couch eating for hours. Take 70 Prayer and Piety The 43-minute prayer isn't enough for it. Take 52 Summoning to an Terrorbird at a minimum, if not 67 or whatever to get a War Tortoise or 68 for a Bunyip. You should raise your magic (to perhaps 70) in order to reach that goal and to prevent being Mage-raped.

I would say that the minimum stats for a team includes 80 attacking, 75 DEF, 75 str, 52 summons, 60 pray 75 magic for magic def. Those don't count as minimum statistics. Minimum is to be 85/85/85 with 70 prayer as well as 80 magic and possibly fruitbat. After I entered the numbers that you suggested in the zybez's battle skill calc it ended up as 96cb. 115cb is the minimum and majority of teams would request 115 to have chaotics.

An excellent def againest range of arms (like torag) (Nez helm, D'hide top and torags legs is fine. Good wepons like ags or bgs+ claws or sgs or chaotic rapir/maul - Agree. Food with sharks or better quality using super pots - Rocktails would be the best as well as, if you are able to buy rs07 fire cape make it, extremes or even ovls.

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