To fight, could guthans and a set of super sets

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The Granite shield is great because it offers RS 2007 Items a highly distance defense... Or should i just wear monk robes with a high-prayer bonus and keep praying all day? I'm wearing exlibtur in spec (or the way you spell it) is there a better version? (don't mention enchanted version because i don't want to shell out 10 million for it)

Kepp which is great for healing. I'm likely to include exbiltur, firestaff+nature runes mithril grapples and saradmoin arrow(saradomin item) and 1 inv space to loot, or two, B2P tabs and about 8 range pots and rest sharks . I will fill my terrobird with monksfishs. How can i alter this?

It's pretty good, but you'll run out of space for inventory and time of terrorbirds, it seems , maybe only the monks in your inventory. It seems like they're sufficient at 80 defense, but the terrorbird couldn't hurt I suppose, play around with it.

It's fairly lucrative to kill , especially with falador shield 4. If not, you can use a terrorbird and ensure it is able to initiate fight with the mole each once. The result is that the terrorbird is likely to follow in the general directions of the mole, even in the event that it dug, giving you a great idea where it may be.

Additionally , the terrorbird lets the player to run endlessly (with its scrolls) which is a huge helm. If you're looking to range, use the general run set-up of Dragonhide and some Prayer or Defence bonuses mixed in (Helm from Nietiznot for example). I believe diamond or ruby bolts (e) are best to choose. If you're trying to melee whips or chaotic rapiers and claws or ddp. If you're a melee, you should bring proselyte armor to keep the prayer pots and make use of the word piety.

To fight, could guthans and a set of super sets be effective? I was playing with a range set up, (rune plate granite shied, or the hide) and it didn't hit too often, i figured that barrows gloves, guthans as well as some super sets would be very useful. I'd make money quicker cause id not be using diamonds and food as often?

If you are in a safe area (using the tiny gap adjacent to the obelisk, so it won't even hit you until it burrows) you'll need very little food, if at all. Guthan's approach isn't the most efficient.

I suggest you try broads/emerald (e) setup. Begin at the beginning with the emerald (e) to poison, then change to broads for finishing it off. Every kill is worth 20k or so. Myself, I aim for 2 kills every run (using prot melee at times) after which I return to my home port, recharge at altar using the fally portal save and then return at the Buy RuneScape Gold right time so that the next time spawn to happen.

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