Technical Improvement of Grinding Mill

The development of industrial Grinding Mill in China began in the 1950s. Raymond pulverizers were introduced for industrial pulverization at the beginning of last century.

The development of industrial Grinding Mill in China began in the 1950s. Raymond pulverizers were introduced for industrial pulverization at the beginning of last century. With simple process requirements and single work flow, coupled with the urgent industrial construction needs of the country at that time, Raymond mill were well-known in the domestic powder equipment market and had a wide recognition, So far, Raymond mill is still regarded as the general name of industrial grinding mill in many places, and all grinding mill used for industrial pulverizing is called Raymond mill.

The popularity of Raymond Mill in the industrial grinding market has social and environmental factors, which is also the result of long-term cultivation. Until the 1980s, the small and medium-sized mills in the market were still only named Raymond mill and ball mill, while the large-scale vertical mill and air mill introduced from abroad rarely entered the medium and low-end market field, and most of them worked in large state-owned enterprises. This situation continued until the early 1990s. Various improved Raymond mill products began to appear in the grinding market with further expansion of openness. The pressurized Raymond mill can provide higher grinding fineness and efficiency, which is generally recognized and accepted by the market. The era of high-pressure suspension roller mill is coming. Accompanied by other improved products such as centrifugal mill and straight through mill, the high-pressure suspension roller mill has won the market position with stable and practical improved technology.

In the late 1990s, the emergence of the Internet greatly expanded the sales channels of flour mills. At the same time, the diversification of modern powder industry and the wide application of high-tech materials also promoted the evolution of flour mills towards a more refined direction. Due to the dual consideration of market use and publicity, the models and types of flour mills began to appear disordered, and a large number of flour mill products of various models flooded the market, It makes the pulverizer industry very chaotic.

In the 20th century, the large-scale popularization and application of aerospace technology and precision electronic components has not only brought new development opportunities to the powder industry, but also brought challenges to the innovative R D of industrial pulverizer products. The performance of pulverizer products needs to be further improved. It is in this situation that larger grinding machine R D enterprises gradually jump out of the fixed principle mode of Raymond mill and focus on developing new products. The good technology of international grinding industry has become the main reference basis. It is also in this situation that the design of vertical mill, MTW European mill and overpressure ladder mill has been completed and quickly emerged in the market, replacing the traditional ball mill, Raymond mill and other equipment and becoming the leading product of industrial mill.

It is a well-known fact that the upgrading of electronic device products takes about 18 months. Similarly, the application and development speed of new materials is also very amazing. Now the powder industry has great innovation pressure on powder material processing equipment due to the requirements for material refinement. Grinding Mill manufacturers have to speed up product R D to adapt to the rapidly rising new material processing market. Taking China SBM, a larger mining crushing and grinding equipment enterprise in China, as an example, invested a fixed amount of 10% of sales every year for R D, so that it can always maintain a leading position in the powder equipment market. According to our investigation, up to now, the design of the vertical mill and the new model of MTW European mill have been completed and are awaiting practical testing. It is believed that a new round of reform will be set off in the mill market soon.

The development of modern pulverizers needs to constantly adapt to the rapid development of powder material application industry. Only by continuously launching new pulverizer products can we keep up with the development of Pulverizer Market. The research and development of new pulverizers has become a normal for pulverizer enterprises. Any idea of stopping or relying on plagiarism and imitation will eventually be abandoned by the market. However, we also believe that there are leaders like China SBM in the pulverizer industry. The R D of new pulverizer products will not be the bottleneck restricting the development of the pulverizer industry, but will become the help for the whole industry to realize resource integration and quality change, because we all know that only with competition can there be progress and strength can there be survival. Under the current situation of the pulverizer industry, This sentence has been more clearly highlighted.

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