Which do you believe is the most effective?

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This build is arguably the ideal for dueling and for CW. Maybe even the pest (high attack is great to hit the portals). It's a problem that I know that GWs are bad at OSRS Gold training str. The problem is "how bad?" If it's not that bad, i might choose this.

Which do you believe is the most effective? Do you have a better alternative to these while staying at 30 mils? Maybe a bandos item? I'm not a fan of the fighter/tasset combo , but it's an idea. All 3 choices are appealing to me. I'm only trying to know which expensive item is the most valuable (fury, DFS, BGS).

I'm an avid Runecrafter which is one of my favorite items to create are Astral Runes. I can create doubles that typically yields a huge revenue, but recently Astrals fallen in value. In the wake of this, I've had my hands on Nature Runes which I don't like crafting as much.

I know that Bonus Experience Weekend played it's role in causing the price to fall on just about everything, however damn... This is absurd. The current price of Astral Runes are 121 Gold Pieces. It is 22gp more expensive than Pure Essense which is shocking to be honest. However, I am able to create doubles so I'd still be able to make a little profit. (Astrals have been rising in the past few days, but dropped from 125 to 121 on the day. Thank goodness I sold mine in advance.)

My current armor includes: Dragon Med helm, Rune platebody with rune platelegs and boots of lightness, a combat bracelet, dragon scimi/longsword and then just my Lumbridge task rings 2 and Power Amulet. I recently reached the 70 level and was able to Buy RS 2007 Gold ask one of my friends what is the best the level 70 def. However, they range and mage so I thought I'd inquire here to confirm and also to get people's opinions.

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