The news broke this afternoon that stated the fact that Tom Brady

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The news broke this afternoon that stated the fact that Tom Brady, who is one of Mut 22 coins the greatest quarterbacks ever to play in the NFL was set to soon be retiring. The news (which is in some debate currently) was met with a mix of emotions from many NFL fans.

While some were happy to hear that seven times Super Bowl champion would finally leave the sport some were sad to see the end of an period of his career. Amongst those who happened to comment on Brady departing the NFL in the present were Madden players, who reflected on his impact on the popular football video game over the decades.

One of the points that a lot of Madden fans talked about today with regard to Brady's departure is how long he's been playing. Brady's career ran for 22 years total so he's been in the Madden series from Madden 2001. In actuality, Brady remains the last active NFL player to play to play in the Madden game that was released on cartridge.

Some others brought up the amazing journey Brady's had within Madden has been, much like his own. When Brady first appeared as a player in Madden's game, his score was a mere 51 overall rating.

Since then Brady has gone on to grace both covers different Madden issues and has seen his standing climb all the way to a 99 overall. In fact, Brady's most recent feature on cheap madden 22 mut coins the cover Madden took place this season when he appeared on the cover of Madden NFL 22. Therefore, even if it's the end of his career in a way, Brady is definitely coming out in the top position.

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